THE WINDING DOWN of “Small Town Memories”

by Ann Angel Eberhardt

It’s time to slow down. I’m not referring to my life in general (although that’s happening, too) but to the frequency of Small Town Memories blogs. From now on, you may not see a new blog each month, but only when guest writers, co-editor Eric Bombeck or I have put together a new story to share. 

Sharpsville (PA) Service Club sign promoting the Santa Project, c. 2016.

This was bound to occur eventually, as my stay in Sharpsville amounted to only ten years, from the time I was nine years old until my college years. But what a very pleasant time it was, with enough memories to keep the site going for six years! Irene Caldwell O’Neill (1942-2013; SHS 1960) wouldn’t have been surprised. She had the original idea to gather Sharpsville memories, believing that there would be many entertaining stories worth recording. I’d like to think she would be very pleased with the results.

Winding Down: Acknowledgments

Crick’s Pharmacy on the corner of N. Mercer Avenue and E. Shenango Street, Sharpsville, PA, c. 1950. Courtesy of Sharpsville Area Historical Society.

Many thanks to the readers of this blog site whose continued interest in and contributions to Small Town Memories were essential to its continuation. Several responded with stories of their own, each entertaining as well as chock-full of bits of Sharpsville history: Eric Bombeck, Gary Conti, Donna DeJulia, Gail Nitch Hanes, Judy McCracken, Ralph C. Mehler II, Judy Caldwell Nelson, Irene Caldwell O’Neill and Bill Parcetic — all Sharpsville High School graduates. Also, these and others made significant contributions to blogs that I wrote: Allegra Dungan Colapietro (SHS), Tom Hoovler, Jim Jovenall (SHS), Mary Clair Mahaney and DeVaux McLean III (SHS). (See “Author Index” for links to their stories.) As each writer and I worked together on his or her story, I felt as if I’d gained a new friend. 

Also, much credit goes to my brothers Mike and Pat Angel, who added to the Sharpsville stories from their own perspectives, and my father, August Angel, who left a treasure trove of information in his memoir, Trivia & Me.

This Canonsburg, PA, 1950 Isaly’s store-front looks very much like Sharpsville’s Isaly’s in the 1950s. Permission pending from Brian Butko, author of “The Story of Isaly’s: Klondikes, Chipped Ham, & Skyscraper Cones,” Stackpole Books, 2001.

Quite a few others were inspired to send Comments, which have totaled 467 so far (including my replies) and have always been positive. Comments in which the readers enriched the story at hand by adding their own details or submitting corrections were much appreciated.

Also, a big thank-you goes to Ralph Mehler, a board member of the Sharpsville Area Historical Society, who has been supportive and helpful, even submitting two stories of his own. His excellence as a historian is evidenced by the newsletters he writes for SAHS. Mr. Mehler has agreed to accept a collection of printouts of all the Small Town Memories blogs, to be placed in the SAHS collections.

City Building, Sharpsville, PA.,” c. 1930s. Image courtesy of Mike and Fredi Angel.

Throughout the years of researching, creating and editing stories, I was not only reminded of old memories, but I also discovered new facts about the various businesses, people, sites, traditions, events, etc., that I took for granted in my youth. The Small Town Memories project has truly enhanced my understanding of where I lived and ultimately who I am today. 

Pierce Mansion, built in 1874 by James Pierce in Sharpsville, PA. Demolished in 1952.

NOTE: Feel free to browse the site as long as it exists and revisit stories of times past in Sharpsville, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding area. And if you’re inspired to do so (and wish to help this site carry on), please send us your own small town memories. You can attach your story (hopefully with photos) to an email or share a Google document with me at

–Ann Angel Eberhardt (SHS 1958), Editor,
Goodyear, Arizona


REMEMBERING RIDGE AVENUE – revisions and additions.

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PETE JOYCE, COMMUNITY LEADER & OWNER OF ISALYS – A recently added photo of the interior of Isaly’s.